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MixMarvel DAO Venture
3 min readApr 12, 2022


MixMarvel DAO Venture was officially launched on April 7. As a Web3 investment organization, MixMarvel DAO Venture, among other pursuits, is devoted to supporting top Web2 projects to become outstanding Web3 builders. Here is an introduction to show you why and how MixMavel DAO Venture makes it happen.

Why Import Web2 Projects?

MixMarvel DAO Venture chooses to reach out and incubate projects from the Web2 world, instead of purely focusing on existing promising Web3 applications, based on its cognition of Web2 and Web3 projects.

Web2 projects enjoy enormous benefits in the Web2 ecosystem, where user interaction is flourishing. The emphasis on user experience and user-generated content, along with the rise of social media, makes Web2 projects highly participatory. Yet there are complaints about the centralized censorship of user accounts in the Web2 world and the fact that Web2 applications can go down at any time.

Web3 projects, however, are deployed on blockchains, thus being decentralized and permissionless, allowing free data access regardless of time and place while ensuring Web3 users complete control and ownership of their in-app assets with high security. These Web3 features shed light on a new path for top Web2 projects that are willing to notch up further success.

Hence, by importing Web2 applications into the Web3 world, MixMarvel DAO Venture is offering the Web2-originated projects and teams a wider platform to develop while bringing the Web3 users rich new product experiences, which contributes to a more comprehensive and thriving Web3 ecosystem.

How To Make It Happen?

Concentrating on pioneering Web3 applications, tools, and infrastructures, MixMarvel DAO Venture empowers Web3 ecosystem constructors by uniting builders and investors from the Web2 and Web3 worlds following a Discover-Invest-Incubate trilogy.


MixMarvel DAO Venture invests based on discovering top entrepreneurial projects and teams that have made impressive achievements in the Web2 world and are eager to make a difference in the Web3 open ecosystem.

Successful and experienced in Web2 development and publishing, these projects or teams, however, usually lack Web3 knowledge and experience, let alone the proper channel for Web3 content and methodology for practice.

MixMarvel, with its rich Web3 business resources from years of accumulation, reaches out to them and identifies their problems through in-depth communication, preparing them for further development as outstanding Web3 builders.


To accomplish its mission to financially support outstanding Web3 builders, MixMarvel DAO Venture actively seeks cooperation with potential investment partners, including mature Web3 investors with a broad investment horizon, growing Web3 investors wishing to extend existing Web3 investment portfolio, and experienced Web2 investors desiring to expand investment into the Web3 field.

So far there are nine investment partners on board, including Polkastarter Labs, HashKey, GTA Ventures, and Hash Global, contributing funding of $50 million. Later on, the currently Invite-Only MixMarvel DAO Venture will be open for more investors to join, and more investment models will be released.


MixMarvel DAO Venture incubates through joint forces with MixMarvel, the content incubation platform and community of creators, which provides all-level incubation and consultancy covering blockchain, Web3 Engine, infrastructure, and applications, while also offering publishing services for Web3 applications of blockchain games, GameFi, Metaverse and more.

Moreover, Rangers Protocol, the Metaverse blockchain infrastructure incubated by MixMarvel, pitches in as well by providing technical support as a Web3 engine, systematically reducing the difficulty of Web3 application development and improving production efficiency. To cite one example, the upcoming light wallet will help users enter the Web3 world by the Web2 convention such as through emails, free from the complex Web3 process with recovery phrases.

Through such holistic operations of discovery, investment, and incubation, MixMarvel DAO Venture can find the best of the best Web2 projects and teams and help them integrate into the Web3 world as the backbone builders.

MixMarvel DAO Venture, building Metaverse together with Web3 believers and builders.

About MixMarvel DAO Venture

MixMarvel DAO Venture is a decentralized investment organization that unites builders and investors from the Web2 and Web3 worlds. Concentrating on pioneering Web3 applications, tools, and infrastructures, MixMarvel DAO Venture empowers Web3 ecosystem constructors through financial support and consulting services. It comprises a diverse portfolio of GameFi, Metaverse, Web3 engine, and infrastructure projects.

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MixMarvel DAO Venture

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